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Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine

Uni Plus Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd. is India’s leading manufacturers and marketers of Aloevera, Herbal, Organic, and Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine.

Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine

Our qualitative range of ayurvedic proprietary medicine products includes;

Univeda Ayurvedic Tea

UNIVEDA Ayurvedic Tea is an energy and immunity booster. Makes teeth and gums stronger. Improves eyesight, skin, and hair. It also improves digestion. It helps reduces stress and it burns fat.

Nari Saheli Powder (Granules)

NARI SAHELI is the best friend of women. It helps to regulate menstruation. Promotes healthy energy, improves hemoglobin level, appetite, and digestion. It reduces toxins and promotes immunity. Relieves stress and produces sound sleep. Useful for the overall development of women.

Ortho Rich Powder

ORTHO RICH is the best painkiller, It treats swelling, strengthening muscles, bones, and joints. It also boosts muscle and bone function. It fills the bone density. It helps in balancing the gall bladder.

Tejobala Powder

TEJOBALA is the brain tonic and body nutrient. It is ayurvedic proprietary medicine improves digestion. It is proprietary ayurvedic medicine that also disease prevention, enhancer, and life-enhancing chemistry. It has physiological and mental stimulants. It treats weakness and fatigue.

Aloe Vera Shampoo with conditioner

ALOE VERA SHAMPOO with conditioner is more effective in treating them than any other topical application. For dry scalp, to cures, a shower with aloe vera shampoo is much helpful than any other aloe vera product.

Aloe Vera Gel

ALOE VERA GEL is from the leaves of aloe plants. People have used it for thousands of years for healing and softening the skin. Pure Plus Aloe Vera Gel has been a folk treatment for Pimple, Dark Circle, Stretch Marks, After Shave Gel, Promotes Hair Growth, Acne, Anti Wrinkle, Aging, Crack on the Heels, Sun Burn / Proactive, Dandruff etc.

Aloe Vera Facewash

Pure Plus ALOE VERA FACEWASH removes impurities and dirt from oily faces due to pollution. It is Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine, helps to nourish and condition your skin. antimicrobial properties that’s why great skincare remedy for minor burns and skin irritation. compounds in its fight against bacteria and help to rebuild new tissues.

Aloe Amruta Liquid

ALOE AMRUTA is best for the musculoskeletal system, healthy heart, pureblood, and digestive health. It is also for the respiratory, urinary system, sex, and reproductive health. It is also an immunity booster, nutritious, rejuvenation, anti-aging, detoxification, and IQ enhancer.

Pure Plus Pain Relieving Oil

The rare organic herbs used in PURE PLUS Pain Relieving Oil regulates and accelerates blood circulation. The healing elements in this oil help in reducing pain. It is effective against various kinds of joint pains, knee pain, backache, sore muscles, and shoulder pain.

Unicool Ayurvedic Hair Oil

UNICOOL Hair Oil promotes hair growth, prevents hair fall and premature graying, removes dandruff, and makes hair healthy. It also relieves stress and produces sound sleep.

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